About Us

ten x tina:  [\ ˈten\ ˈbī \ ¦tēnə- \]


Inspiring creativity, self-expression and individualism one nail at a time.


My mission is to bring Canadians lovingly handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, small batch nail dip powders.
My mandate is to support Canadian suppliers wherever possible.
Dip powders are traditionally produced outside Canada, limiting availability and increasing shipping costs. Everything that goes into each jar of ten x tina dips has been sourced from a Canadian company. Only if supplies are not accessible in Canada will I purchase quality foreign ingredients, but rest assured that I will continue to leave no stone unturned in finding a Canadian alternative!

My Story

As a lifelong beauty enthusiast, I've tried my hand at make-up, skincare, hair extensions and colours, yet nothing sparked my interest quite like dip powder nails. Beginning in late 2018, I began my endless pursuit of the perfect mani. I learned everything I could to perfect my techniques in a way that would best satisfy my creativity. Trying, failing and growing, as well as learning from others, brought me to a vibrant community of other dip-enthusiasts, which only encouraged my new passion.

ten x tina started as an Instagram page. It grew into YouTube tutorials I've posted as an outlet to engage with this community and share my knowledge and my journey - an honest look at the successes and the bumps along the way!

I'm thrilled to continue to grow in this community, supporting and encouraging other entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in this space by offering a palette of core colours and some special collections that I am passionate about sharing with all of you! What I truly love to see is how my creativity in turn provides the tools for your individual self-expression, so please join and share my Facebook group and lets see those beautiful nails!

Oh, and my day job? After a few decades in the technology industry, working daily with customers, I've become a full time stay at home mom to my 4 year old daughter and nearly 2 year old son. They are my 'why' and often the source of my inspiration and exhaustion. My husband and I live in Canada, both own our own businesses and are passionate about shopping and supporting local.


Tina Soundy, Founder

ten x tina handcrafted dip powders