How To's - Dip Nails and Gelly Application


Dip Nail Instructions:

Prep the nail by pushing back cuticles, and washing with dish soap (hand soaps often contain moisturizers and can cause premature lifting of your dip nails). Thoroughly dry, I recommend waiting approx 30 mins to ensure no moisture is left in the nail. 

You may find it helpful to gently buff the shine off the surface of your nail for stronger adhesion. 

Apply any prep liquids to dehydrate the nail.

Wait the instructed amount of time. 

Step 1: Dip Base

Apply a thin layer of Dip Base, up to, but not touching the cuticle.  Be sure to wipe your brush on a lint free wipe before putting it back in the base bottle to avoid contamination of your liquids. 

Dip nail into, lay nail flat on powder, or pour dip powder over nail. Tap excess off. 

Continue on each finger. 

Starting with the first finger, brush off any excess dip with a brush of your choice. Stiff bristle brushes work well (manicure brush, toothbrush etc) to get any excess powder off the nail in preparation for the next coat. 

Repeat the above steps to achieve the depth of colour you prefer. 

When I'm creating these colours, I always apply 3 layers of powder, and recommend the same when applying to your nails. 

If you are using a glitter shade, do one final coat of ten x tina clear powder, to protect the glitter from buffing. 

Step 2: Dip Cure

Once you've completed your coats of dip powder, brush off any excess powder well, and apply a generous coat of Dip Cure and allow to dry (approx 45 seconds). Once dry, file your nails into the desired shape and buff the whole surface of your nail until smooth. 

Rinse your hands well with water ONLY, and dry thoroughly. 

Once dry, apply another generous coat of Dip Cure to one hand, capping the free edge of your nail.  

Step 3: Dip Gloss

As soon as you've completed applying Dip Cure, set a timer for 2 mins.  This is important to achieve a glossy finish, and also to avoid contamination of your Dip Gloss. 

When the timer is up, apply a thin and quick coat of Dip Gloss, minimizing strokes as much as possible per nail, and again, wiping your brush on a lint free wipe before putting the brush back into the bottle. 

Upon completion of the first coat of Dip Gloss, immediately apply your second, more detailed coat of Dip Gloss to the same hand, capping your edges. 

Nails should be cured in approx 60 seconds. 

Repeat Dip Gloss steps on your second hand, starting with Dip Cure, and the 2min timer. 

Step 4: 

Stare at your beautiful nails for an embarrassing amount of time through the day. 

Take 386 pictures, with 7 different lighting schemes, post them in the group!

Important information about Dip Base and Dip Gloss:

May cause respiratory irritation, always use in a well ventilated area.: May cause skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation, if contact occurs, consult a medical professional immediately. Ingestion is harmful, seek medical attention.

If you experience any adverse reactions, please discontinue use and consult a physician. 

Important information about Dip Cure:

Product is highly flammable, as well as toxic when ingested or inhaled. Use in a well ventilated area. Can cause irritation of skin.  If contact with eyes occurs, flush with water for 10 mins and seek medical attention. 



ten x tina gelly tip system

Before starting, size each nail and snap off from you tip tree. Then, using an e-file or hand file, buff the inside of your tip where it will meet your natural nail.

1. Prep your natural nail by pushing back your cuticles

2. Apply cleanse and bond to every nail on 1 hand. Allow 2 mins to dry.

3. Apply a thin layer of gel base, and cure for 30 seconds.

4. Open your build and bond gel, and apply a small amount onto the inside of the tip (if you find, going forward, that you have air bubbles, it's helpful to apply a very thin layer of build or bond gel to your nail plate also).

5. Holding the tip with your opposite hand, butt it up against, but not under your cuticle at a 45 degree angle and slowly roll it down toward your free edge.

6. Holding the tip secure still, press the power button on your flash me lamp, and cure for 30 seconds.

7. Repeat process on every nail.

8. Once you have your tips applied, please do a second 30 second cure on each nail to fully cure.

If you intend to cip on top of your gelly tips, but the surface of them as you would you natural nail, them continue as usual.

If you are a peel base user, it is typical to put a layer of clear dip directly on the gelly tip before applying your peel base.